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Hollywoods first blockbuster from Woodstock, IL.: The first well known Hollywood classic movie that shot scenes here around 1986 was Planes Trains and Automobiles.Which had Director: John Hughes, along with cinema legends John Candy and Steve Martin who all came to town to film for a few weeks.The participants of the Women’s March on Washington will be hosting a rally on July 22, 2017 beginning at p.m.at the Gazebo in the Historic Woodstock Square followed by a short march to The Dick Tracy Way Park (Children’s Peace Park) on Lake Avenue in Woodstock, IL.Even the nights were lit up by the glow of giant movie lights shining off the opera house and later the square for the night scenes.The best part of the filming was seeing the actors in action or just walking around town.

There was a brand new version and the torched-up broken-down version of the cars parked on the square (the very same ones they get pulled over in near the end of the film.) I even recall seeing Steve Martin and John Candy film a scene on our Old Court House steps, but the scene must have ended up on the cutting room floor because it was never in the movie.

That director was Harold Ramis and that small budget movie would come to be know as "Groundhog Day"! Many of the extras in the film (including one of my sisters) were local people from town paid for their time.

I remember there was filming and film crews all over the town blocking sections and closing down roads.

Even Bill Murray himself paid a visit to my parents Mexican store right off the town square.

Exciting times indeed they were....with the success of the movie....repetitiveness of the story....the way people have made this movie such a classic.

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