Washington state laws on dating a minor

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The age of consent can vary among states, and some states differentiate between consensual sex between minors who are close in age (for example, two teenagers of the same age), as opposed to sex between a minor and a much older adult.

Though statutory rape does not require that the prosecutor prove an assault, it is still rape.

Disclaimer: Due to the fact that individual state laws are constantly subject to change, individuals are encouraged to consult an attorney prior to engaging in any activity, action, or event in which the expressed legality may come into question.

Furthermore, individuals interested in attaining information with regard to individual state legislature are also encouraged to perform independent research in order to substantiate the relevancy and current state(s) of specific legislation.

This offense is a class A felony, which incurs a fine of up to ,000, up to life in prison, or both.

First degree rape of a child occurs when there is sexual intercourse (sexual penetration, however slight, with an object or body part) between a minor who is 11 or younger, and a defendant who is at least two years older than the minor.Washington Abortion Laws Within the state of Washington, Abortion is defined as the purposeful termination of a pregnancy through procedural means. Wade, abortion became legal within the United States – however, Washington state legislation expresses a variety of stipulations with regard to a legal abortion process: • A legal abortion may occur in the event that the protection and preservation of the life of the mother carrying a fetus is compromised as a result of a pregnancy; an abortion can take place in order to save the life of the mother only upon accredited and sanctioned medical review • Washington State protects the ‘right to choose’ granted to a Mother; in the event that the development of a fetus exists in a stage deemed acceptable – this excludes infanticide and partial birth abortion – a woman may choose to abort a fetus • An illegal abortion is deemed as an abortion process that occurs in the event that the health and wellbeing of the mother is not in danger; furthermore, an illegal abortion is defined as a procedure that occurs outside of legal, accepted, and authorized medical procedural protocol – in the state of Washington, unauthorized individuals conducting abortions may be charged with Class C Felonies Washington Marijuana Laws Within the state of Washington, the possession of Marijuana - or Cannabis products – as well as the acts of growing or distributing marijuana without the expressed permission of the Washington State Government is a punishable, criminal offense.The following penalties are associated with Marijuana within the state of Washington: Possession/Under the Influence of Marijuana 1.Amount: less than 40 grams • Penalty: 1 - 90 days’ incarceration • Fines: 0 - 0 • Classification: Misdemeanor 2.Amount: more than 40 grams • Penalty: 180 days’ incarceration • Fines: ,000 • Classification: Felony Cultivation and/or Intent to Distribute Marijuana Supplementary Charges include Possession, Sale, and Sale to a minor with regard to Drug Paraphernalia; Marijuana charges may be subject to increase to the proximity to a school zone – sale to a minor may also incur additional fines and incarceration 3.

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