Top 15 dating methods

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We’ll discuss some evidence later in this article that supports this pretty strongly.

For now, let’s take a look at the disciplines that typically lead to spiritual enlightenment, and then see how they individually stack up to this basic hypothesis.

You can experience your body very intensely, and you can also find intense enjoyment from this practice.

Walking meditation also fits within our thought reduction hypothesis, as that focus is reduced to sensations and awareness within the body. Transcendental Meditation is based in the traditions associated with Vedanta.

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Walking meditation can be done anywhere, even between the parking lot and the grocery store.TMers see their practice as a more dedicated and effective method of meditation, as that there is a progression of practice variations within its ranks.Ultimately, the goal is to achieve out of body experiences which are often the precursor to a full blown enlightenment experience. Kundalini is also a practice that arises from the Vedantic traditions. The belief associated with Kundalini is that within the practice of yoga, a life energy…If you would like to hear more about there’s not a set process. That said, it rarely happens to someone if they’re not looking for it. But beyond that, there are quite a few commonalities among enlightenment stories globally and parallels within spiritual disciplines designed to bring on enlightenment that suggest we can make a few educated guesses on how to more easily get you there.Let’s first discuss my pet theory, then we can review how the world’s disciplines to achieve enlightenment support it.

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