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(For those who have yet to see "The Wedding," here's a quick recap: After nearly an entire season of mounting sexual tension, time-traveling nurse Claire [Caitriona Balfe] and the man she's forced to wed [Heughan] consummate their budding love in a candelabra-lit cave.) It's, in a word, everything. I think I posted it on Facebook and some journalist had access to my Facebook?

So, naturally, two days before the second half of the first season premiered on Starz, we grilled the 34-year-old actor, whose tush may or may not have trended on Twitter, on everything from his flowing locks to those pesky dating rumors to that time he made a citizen's arrest in a UK DVD shop. We're very aware that there was some anticipation about that scene, of course. ' They sort of trapped him, and he was panting and looking around and terrified, and for some reason, I do not know what possessed him, he just charged at me like, 'Aaahhhhhhhh!

But, also, something like 50 percent of our audience in the U.

I'm working in my home country and see people I went to drama school with, but yeah, as far as social media is concerned I've definitely become a little bit more aware of how people can find stuff.

Tiger in the sack (her words but as a dare she had it printed on her business cards).

Hi, I’m Rob Gaffney a full time professional magician based in Alton Hampshire, UK.

Although it still has it's flaws: It aimless story idea that allows for a lot of creativity but despite it's strong efforts just doesn't make the mark(heh).

The jokes and episodes never push the envelope and you'll probably guess how it ends correctly by the first couple of minutes.

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Sam lives in the same building as the guys in a loft down the hall.

They’re out of school and living on their own, but they aren’t settled yet.

A Canadian animated tv series created by Mark Bishop and Matt Hornburg, It tells the story of Mark Dexler, a guy looking for love in all the wrong places (and usually the strange places too).

It's about two people discovering each other; it wasn't about playing a virgin or playing someone who doesn't know what he's doing.

[My character] Jamie is also invested in it and he's kind of fallen for her already, or at least, is at the precipice of falling. I think, if you watch it, we don't really show an awful lot more than any other show does—in fact we probably show less. I was very aware, myself, of what I wanted to show and not show. [] I was literally at HMV looking at DVDs in the discount bucket like, 'Oh!

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