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I just dislike the idea of grinding to level up, but it`s worth all the effort when you get every upgrade. You may want to hit go back to the city to do a route more than one times for gold and exp-gold lets get equipment and leveling up improves your stats as well. Set some time aside if you`re going to get the best ending.Use the apples, breads and chickens to restore HP (click on the guy`s face when in route for a quest or in the town to use them). Would look up a guide to avoid the bad endings at least, since it`s a big time commitment, and you`d have to start all over.For your next RPG, you should definitely add more of these interactive acts, I would have loved to bang the fiance after killing her knight or get intimate with some of the female thugs after the fight.very good game and great story and great ladys and so sexy and great to fuck would like to fuck the princess good after u finsh the coquest for her but great tho and sexy fucks of lady and finshed it all Good game.Is the guard station intended as a trap and dead end? why not after you defeat her knight that she makes you an offer to not bring her back?

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The graphocs are also good, though not as good as your latest games, especially the sex scenes all look a bit artificial for my liking.

So there are sex scenes with 4 girls (except for princess and the one that eloped with some knight) There are endings for 2 girls (princess and bard) and 3 other endings are a bit dumb, well out of 3 others there is one where he has a lot of sex, but no scene there too, only couple of images... The sex scenes were great and I replayed it to find the other endings.

But the combat was so horrible that it kind of took me out of the games immersing fantasy world.

I think that this would have been better if there were items that could help control the hit/miss ratio. ok here the walkthrough for each ending ending 1- complete all the quest especially the blacksmith and keep the talisman you get from him.

go to enchanting madness with talisman and you can fight the demon but be careful he has like 9 strength, 6 dex, and 5 armor ending 2-go to enchanting madness without goblin slasher(talisman blacksmith gives you for his quest) ending 3-accept bards offer of becoming a magic but you must choose the second option instead of having her sing of your glory ending 4- go to new hope guard post and accept the position of black guard ending 5- go to new hope guard post but refuse the position of black guard Pretty good job designing the mechanics of the game. I also wish you didn`t have to reach an ending to load the saved game.

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