Phychic love and dating help

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The surgery reference, even the Alderon line which means they thought of a big Hollywood set instead are either making some cheap ass porn in a basement or sleeping with someone to get ahead and the "gettting to Alderan" or a roll like Princess Lea.

The Cobain reference is a deeper take on making it and what it lead to...suicide.

First born unicorn refers to the beast-most notably the flood of filth issuing from california.

Ironically the lyric plays like a hypnotic sbrill song about a materialistic world,good people can be changed or corrupted for the trappings of fame/cobain reference is to give us a picture of talent that could nt cope with such hollywood style celeb and became isolated tragicly like anyone could ..a tidal wave could clear one place but californication is all maybe the final frontier but made in a basement.....

I always think of the song as a half-mocking, almost a little haunting description of main stream images that no one can achieve.

This is to me a negative downward spiral engineeered by a far greater "intelligence" than any one man but a collective ego we all contribute towards unwittingly. It's frightening to imagine that one can be influenced and controlled by such to influence mass consciousness but an unfortunate reality when one dabbles in "blood, sugar and sex magick".

You shouldn't seperate these 2, -First born unicorn, hardcore soft porn- I think it means that if the first unicorn of the world will be born, it would almost be no big deal because Hollywood has already weakened our minds, back in time it would have been the biggest thing ever.(Hardcore first, soft porn later) Anybody agree's?

Hey, Thanks to everybody that left his comment here. I need to do a presentation of this song with it meaning and everything for school, and i just wanted to thank all of you.

The only sentence i don't yet understand fully is ''first born unicorn'' Could use some help on that one.

Cyait's annoying when people stereotype this song as a refrence to Californiaanthony is not talking about just california, but about how the whole hollywood industry has become such a brainwasher and influencer on the rest of the world i've lived in LA my whole life and it amazes me how much popular culture from my area has spread to other people's areasand to scott from bismarck, the reason chris farley is mentioned is because he overdosed on speedballs the same deadly combination of coke and heroin that killed former bnd member and friend Hillel Slovak I don't really think anyone can say what the songs other people write are about, but I guess we can all say what we get from them, though.

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