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As Alpha Bay describes itself: “We are a darknet market that specializes in all kinds of illegal goods” adding, “We are an anonymous marketplace selling drugs, weapons and credit cards…

we take no responsibility if you get caught.”Pearson said TOR browsers encrypt users’ messages and data and make it difficult, if not impossible, for investigators to find the dark site or track the networks.

In four other groups, The Himalayas, The Himalayan Cult, Marines Unchained, and an open Facebook chat room called F’n Knife Hands, members have posted derogatory sexual content directed at female service members. Marines and “green-side Corpsman” are allowed to join, meaning U. Lol, and I’m currently wearing my MU shirt at work on base.

A “Marines United Gaming” was also found on the Playstation Network. Wooks [female Marines] love it.”Other rooms like The Himalayan Cult and The Himalayas, show members of Marines United buying military challenge coins with the Marines United logo with the slogan “Who’s got ’em”—a reference to the Facebook chat rooms where members would ask for pictures of nudes. Marisa Woytek, an active-duty service member said she was harassed repeatedly by one Marine veteran in the original Marines United group and in The Himalayas, one of the newly discovered secret chat rooms.

In the private Himalayan Cult chatroom, Torres verbally attacked another active-duty female Marine sergeant, writing, “Stupid crack head looking wook not wearing her clown-looking make up.

The ones without addresses, nobody knows anything about those places.

But it’s still on the same street, still on the same internet and connection and hardware, but the places are difficult to find.

And without the networking encryption you can’t get there.”Alpha Bay is not accessible through normal search methods, because it isn’t indexed by Google or other common web-browsing software.

A user must know the actual web address (URL) and to avoid detection use a TOR browser, which is an open-source, encrypted web browser free of tracking software.“Alpha Bay is nothing more than…

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