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Even if one of you gets wasted within an hour or two, it’ll kill the party for the others.

Getting completely drunk may feel good for the first hour, but beyond that, it’s all downhill.

Here he is with 5'10" Akon, and it looks like Akon may even be at an angle disadvantage in this photo: Click Here Not only is this more than a 1.5" difference, but it's more than a 2" difference.

said on 13/May/15 his mugshot reminds me of ja rules mugshot having him listed at 5"10, i was looking threw google images of "nelly and joe jonas" whos 5"7 and in some pics nellys half to 1 whole inch taller, except for one nellys wearing converse he stands slightly shorter, joe jonas foot wear dont change much so id say nellys probably just slightly above 5"6 and a half, now that i think about it i think ja and nelly are around the same height along with usher but idk my personal opinion.

I love all of them and honestly could care less about there height but some of the things ppl say on here as far as guessing celebrity heights is just way off.

The others are right; Nelly is much closer to 5'7" than he is to 5'9".

did anyone see the BET awards Nelly looked taller than Jaime fox and ive seen them in pictures before and nelly looks noticeably shorter.

Anybody who wants to be in show business is an egotistical maniac so feeljng inferior in anyway causes them mental syndrome.

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