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"It is very easy to lose all ambition in here and turn in on yourself," he said, but something inside prevented him from giving in.

He still believes there might be a fragment of hope that his death sentence will be commuted to life imprisonment or even that he will get a new trial.

In February, researchers announced the first known case of a daily Pr EP user contracting HIV.

That patient also contracted a rare drug-resistant form of HIV.

On two occasions and with two separate people, however, the couple had condomless sex with a third person.

Grossman found that the patient’s strain of HIV was resistant to both of the drugs in Truvada, as well as all of the other drugs in its class, which work by blocking one of the enzymes needed by the virus to reproduce.

Their eyes meet through glass and they whisper through a wire mesh screen, about what she has been doing and the latest stage of his appeal process.

"It's good to see her now because for a long time when I was first in here and she was also in jail I didn't have one visitor. Some days he tries to write a letter but fear grips him and his hand shakes too much for the words to be legible.

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Periodically a siren sounds and he is counted with the other inmates.

Hair and blood tests confirmed that he had the appropriate blood levels of the pill’s two drugs — tenofovir and emtricitabine — to offer the nearly 99% protection it offers from the virus when taken daily.

The patient’s long-term partner is HIV-positive but on treatment, with an undetectable viral load in his body.

Cleveland Clinic HIV specialist Howard Grossman made the announcement on Tuesday.

Buzz Feed reports: The patient, who is not releasing his name or age to protect his privacy, is a gay man who had been taking the drug daily since January 2016.

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