Domestic and dating abuse

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The thing is that Lynn left her abuser over a year ago and he is nowhere around.She had broken all contact with him and had moved on in her life.These symptoms lead the individual to avoid situations, people, places, or things that cause the intrusive and arousal symptoms.This may be a conscious or unconscious phenomenon where one attempts to avoid experiencing the unwanted thoughts, feelings, or anxiety associated with them.With statistics like this, domestic violence affects the majority of people whether it is directly or indirectly.However, the majority of these experiences will never be reported to police.PTSD can be an internal warzone filled with unpredictability and fear.

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Intrusive symptoms are ones that intrude upon one's life.Lynn is suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) as a result of experiencing domestic violence.Her body is working against her to feel safe in her current relationship as she sees her new boyfriend through the eyes of the past.When things like these intrude upon one's life, it is natural to become anxious, fearful, or on guard.This is the second leg of the stool known as arousal symptoms.

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