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I've conducted polls of thousands of men to find out what guys want and need most to develop their game with women, as well as general social skills.

Hands down, every guy wants better conversational ability.

In order for another person to allow us into their "zone of trust," they have to feel that they are respected. Think back to a time when you were talking on the phone to a customer service rep, and they said, "So-and-so Company, can you hold for a second? But if that same customer service person just said: "I'm sorry, I have to go put you on hold for a second. " before they put you on hold, what would you feel then?

When he goes off to get a drink, you notice that a few of the women are still smiling, and as he turns his back, they look at each other, signaling something between them.Here's how you appear open and interesting so that others pull you into the conversation - and you seem approachable instead of aloof...Look at the person (or group) you're talking to, and show the following body language: un-crossed arms, head slightly tilted, eyes focused, and nod frequently - but slowly.When the other people in the conversation believe that you are not trying to bluff or posture and pretend to know about something that you have no clue about, they WON'T CARE that you don't know.They'll actually be impressed that you can be so genuine about wanting to learn more.

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