Dating a fender twin amp

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By 1947, Fender introduced the Model 26 guitar amp and shortly thereafter came the Super.

In 1948, the new Fender amps featured a new cabinet construction.

The Reverb Unit, Twin Reverb, and the Showman debuted in the early '60s.

By 1964, Fender's line of products included electric guitars, basses, steel guitars, effects units, acoustic guitars, electric pianos, and a variety of accessories.

The Champion student amplifier was also introduced at this time.

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The Fender trademark established circa 1946 in Fullerton, CA.

After high school, Leo Fender became a bookkeeper for employment while he still did radio repair at home.

After holding a series of jobs, Fender opened up a full scale radio repair shop in 1939.

Randall opened negotiations with the Baldwin Piano & Organ company, but when those negotiations fell through, Fender offered it to the conglomerate CBS (who was looking to diversify the company holdings).

Fender (FEIC) was purchased by CBS in December of 1964 for thirteen million dollars.

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