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He is a jaded child who seems to despise a wide variety of things, including being forced to stay at camp.

Max is unique in the sense that he doesn't have the same childish behavior that the other campers do.

In general, you should wash it whenever you start to feel uncomfortable with it—that simple.

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Also, at the end of "The Order of the Sparrow," he manages to convince the entire camp to help him create David's image of a perfect summer camp after hearing him explain why he tries so hard for the campers.Authorities have now talked to a man after a widely-circulated picture of him was caught on a trail cam in Madison County, Missouri.The picture of the man walking past a corn pile in some woods near rural Fredericktown has spread like wildfire on social media.When he was injured in "The Order of the Sparrow," he showed genuine concern for David.He also allowed himself to be brainwashed by Daniel's purification chamber because it was the only way for David to finally realize something was wrong.

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