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Kevin Sacco - Tales of A Healthcare Hacker Rhett Greenhagen - Skip Tracing For Fun and Profit J0n J4rv1s - Surveillance Capitalism Will Continue til Morale Improves Gus Fritschie, Evan Teitelman - Backdooring the Lottery and Other Security Tales Svea Eckert, Andreas Dewes - Dark Data Chris Sumner - Rage Against the Weaponized AI Propaganda Machine Ryan Lackey - Cypherpunks History Yan Shoshitaishvili - 25 Years of Program Analysis Manfred - Twenty Years of MMORPG Hacking: Better Graphics, Same Exploits Pass it on, and watch this space.

Mickey Shkatov, Jesse Michael, Oleksandr Bazhaniuk - Driving down the rabbit hole Weston Hecker - Grand Theft Radio Stopping SDR Relay Attacks Vlad Gostomelsky - GPS System Integrity Tim b1tbane, Mitch Johnson, ehntoo - That's No Car Its a Network Sheila Ayelen Berta, Claudio Caracciolo - The Bicho Sameer Dixit, Vlad Gostomelsky - Abusing Smart Cars with QR Codes Montalbano, Gillispie, Connett - Attacking Wireless Interfaces Jeffrey Quesnelle - An Introduction to AUTOSAR Secure Onboard Woodbury, Haltmeyer - Linux Stack Based V2X Framework Badge Life: DEFCON Unofficial Badges Panel Corey Theun - Heavy Truck and Electronic Logging Devices Enjoy, and remember to pass ‘em on. Today’s DEF CON 25 video releases are a variety of novel presentations that take us away from the keyboard and workstation and into the wider world.

Tyler Rorabaugh - DFIR Automation Orchestration Tools For OSINT Recon Tracy Maleeff - Into the Bird's Nest: A Comprehensive Look at Twitter Winner Announcement Prize Distribution Simon Roses - OSINT Tactics on Source Code and Developers Shane Mac Dougal - Keynote: Seeing is Believing The Future of Recon Mikhail Sasonkin - Up Close and Personal: Keeping an Eye On Mobile Leah Figueroa - FERPA: Only Grades Are Safe; OSINT In Higher Education Kunal Aggarwal - Data Sploit Open Source Assistant for OSINT Jason Haddix - Domain Discovery: Expanding Your Scope Like A Boss Inbar Raz - Do Tinder Bots Dream of Electric Toys Guillermo Buendia, Yael Esquivel - How To Obtain 100 Facebooks a Day Dakota Nelson -Total Recoll Anthony Russell - Building Google For Criminal Enterprises Andrew Hay - An Introduction to Graph Theory for OSINT Abhijeth Dugginapeddi - Recon and Bug Bounties What A Great Love Story Take one down and pass ‘em around. Let’s start the video release week off strong with ten talks from the DEF CON 25 Car Hacking Village!

AUTOSAR, GPS Integrity, SDR Relay Attacks - there’s a lot to keep your brain occupied in here.

Hacking wind farms, the DEF CON 101 panel, hacking the human genome - it’s a nice assortment of subjects. High Wiz, Malware Unicorn, Niki7a, Roamer, Wiseacre, Shaggy - DEF CON 101 Panel Inbar Raz, Eden Schochat - From One Country, One Floppy to Startup Nation Jason Hernandez, Sam Richards, Jerod Mac Donald-Evoy Tracking Spies in the Skies John Sotos - Genetic Diseases to Guide Digital Hacks of the Human Genome Matt Wixey - See no evil, hear no evil: Hacking invisibly & silently with light & sound Octane - Untrustworthy Hardware and How to Fix It Snide Owen - Phone system testing and other fun tricks Whitney Merrill, Terrell Mc Sweeny - Tick, Tick, Tick Boom You're Dead: Tech & the FTC Jason Staggs - Breaking Wind: Adventures Hacking Wind Farm Control Networks Enjoy, embiggen, and pass it on.

More videos for your edification and enlightenment from the DEF CON 25 Bio Hacking Village.

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